Table 2

Age and sex distribution of by tumour subsite (adenocarcinomas only)

Lower oesophagus (n=91)OGJ (n=270)Cardia (n=100)Gastric other (n=262)
Values in parentheses are percentages. Excludes 23 histologically confirmed adenocarcinomas (15 involving upper and/or middle oesophagus without extension to the lower oesophagus and eight cases where oesophageal or gastric subsite could not be ascertained). The lower oesophagus catergory comprises cases involving the lower oesophagus, with or without extension to the middle oesophagus. The cardia category comprises cases involving the gastric cardia, with or without extension to other gastric sites.
OGJ, oesophagogastric junction.
    Male61 (67.0)199 (73.7)58 (58.0)150 (57.3)
    Female30 (33.0)71 (26.3)42 (42.0)112 (42.7)
Mean age (all patients)70.367.171.673.1
Mean age (men)67.565.670.370.6
Mean age (women)76.071.473.276.3