Table 3

Site, age, and sex distribution of oesophageal adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas

Adenocarcinomas (n=107)Squamous cell carcinomas (n=124)
Values in parentheses are percentages. Upper/middle refers to cases involving the upper and/or middle oesophagus without extension to the lower oesophagus. Lower refers to cases involving the lower oesophagus, with or without extension to the middle oesophagus.
NOS, not otherwise specified.
    Upper/middle15 (14.0)64 (51.6)
    Lower91 (85.1)56 (45.2)
    Oesophagus (NOS)1 (0.9)4 (3.2)
    Male69 (64.5)47 (37.9)
    Female38 (35.5)77 (62.1)
Mean age (all patients)69.969.9
Mean age (men)67.666.1
Mean age (women)74.272.2