Table 1

Cyclo-oxygenase 2 (COX-2) expression in tumour cells in relation to other clinicopathological features

COX-2 expression in the neoplastic cells
Clinicopathological featuresNo. of casesPositiveNegativep Value
Age in years (mean (SE))4649.8 (5.8)57.4 (2.2)0.82
Histological grade0.16
Nodal status0.03
Transforming growth factor α0.38
Oestrogen receptor content0.46
p53 expression0.82
c-erbB2 expression0.39
Sialyl-Tn expression0.02
Microvessel count (mean (SE))4666.6 (9.0)44.6 (4.3)0.03
Apoptotic index (mean (SE))7.2 (1.3)3.9 (0.5)0.03
Mitotic count (mean (SE))4317.7 (2.3)17.7 (2.7)0.99
MIB-1 expression (mean (SE))3522.2 (4.8)24.1 (4.2)0.88