Table 1

Summary of clinical pathological features of the 23 cases of breast cancer studied and p63 expression in myoepithelial cells

CaseSexAgeDiagnosisp63+ myos overlying epithelial clusters
DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; G, grade; HG, high grade; IG, intermediate grade; LG, low grade; myos: myoepithelial cells.
1F47DCIS (HG)+
2F65DCIS (HG)+
3F49DCIS (IG)+
4F59DCIS (IG)+
5F80DCIS (IG)+
6F69DCIS (LG)+
7F63DCIS (LG)+
8F79DCIS (HG)+
9F63IDC (GI)+
10F49IDC (GI)+
11F59IDC (GI)+
12F71IDC (GI)+
13F80IDC (GI)
14F74IDC (GII)
15F51IDC (GII)+
16F44IDC (GII)
17F48IDC (GII)
18F71IDC (GII)+
20F54IDC (GIII)+
21F67IDC (GIII)+
22F75IDC (GIII)+