Table 2

Features used: number of cases where 50% or more of all pathologists correctly identifying each case selected feature as important and likelihood ratios (LR) for features distinguishing between Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC)

CD (n=12)UC (n=12)
Number of casesLRNumber of casesLR
    (1) Focal crypt architectural irregularity81.720.6
    (2) Diffuse crypt architectural irregularity10.3113.4
    (3) Reduced crypt numbers/atrophy20.392.9
Chronic inflammation
    (4) Focal or patchy83.310.3
    (5) Basal plasma cells50.4122.3
    (6) Diffuse superficial inflammation10.601.1
    (7) Diffuse transmucosal inflammation70.5121.8
    (8) Granulomas (mucin)02.000.5
    (9) Granulomas (epithelioid)712.400.1
Polymorph inflammation
    (10) Lamina propria polymorphs100.9111.2
    (11) Focal crypt epithelial polymorphs91.161.0
    (12) General crypt epithelial polymorphs10.333.7
    (13) Crypt abscess70.6101.8
    (14) Polymorph exudate10.641.6
Epithelial changes
    (15) Erosion/ulceration41.230.7
    (16) Mucin depletion30.691.7
    (17) Paneth cells distal to hepatic flexure00.701.8
Epithelial associated changes
    (18) Increased intraepithelial lymphocytes02.500.4
    (19) Increased subepithelial collagen01.001.0