Table 2

The 3 patients with biopsy confirmed type 1 autoimmune hepatitis and antibodies to double stranded DNA but no actin specific antibodies

PatientSexAgeIgGIgAIgMANA resultSMADNA absAlbASTBiliALP
IgG, IgA, IgM, and albumin were measured in unit of g/l; AST, ALT, and ALP were measured in units of IU/l; bili was measured in units of ╬╝mole/l. ANA, antinuclear antibodies; Alb, albumin; ALP, alkaline phosphatase; AST, aspartate amino transferase; Bili, bilirubin; SMA, smooth muscle actin.
1F6628.93.411.57>1/640 HomogeneousNeg>300371104143147
2F2039.12.651.8>1/640 HomogeneousNeg42735107690327
3F2221.62.41.17>1/640 SpeckledNeg76453438206