Table 2

Standard histomorphometric variables used in multiple regression analysis

Variable typeVariableDefinition (units)
The variables were defined and measured according to the guidelines detailed in Parfitt et al.18 Histomorphometric parameters numbered in column 2 for reference to figs 5 and 6.
Static trabecular bone parametersCancellous bone volume (1)BV/TVt (%)
Wall thickness (2)(μm)
Osteoid surface (3)OS/B (%)
Osteoid volume (4)OV/BV (%)
Osteoid thickness (5)(μm)
Osteoblast surface (6)ObS/BS (%)
Eroded surface (10)ES/BS (%)
Osteoclast surface (11)OcS/BS (%)
Osteoclast number (12)Noc/TVt (/mm2 ×10−2)
Cancellous thickness (13)(μm)
Cancellous number (14)(/mm3)
Cancellous separation (15)(μm)
Static cortical bone parametersCortical thickness (16)(μm)
Cortical volume (17)CV/TVc (%)
Cortical wall thickness (18)(μm)
Osteoclast number (19)Noc/TVc (/mm2 ×10−2)
Subcortical osteoclasts (20)Noc/BSs (/mm ×10−2)
Dynamic parametersCancellous apposition rate(μm/day)
Mineralising surface 1 (7)MS/BS or dLS+1/2sLS (%)
Mineralising surface 2 (8)MS/OS or sLS+dLS (%)
Mineralising surface (9)dLS/sLS (%)
Cortical apposition rate (21)(u+C4m/day)
Bone formation rate (22)BFR/BVt [dLS+1/2sLS] (%/year)