Table 4

Significance of all parameters used as variables in first round of multiple regression analysis, with magnitude of contribution to variation in adipocytic/haemopoietic ratio (R2)

Parameterp ValueR2 Value
*These parameters contributed significantly.
Trabecular bone volume<0.001*15.1
Wall thickness<0.001*18.4
Osteoid surface<0.1481.6
Osteoid volume<0.002*7
Osteoid thickness<0.002*7.5
Osteoblast surface<0.042*3.2
Mineralising surface 1<0.1191.9
Mineralising surface 2<0.251
Mineralising surface<0.0512.9
Eroded surface<0.4380.5
Osteoclast surface<0.7310.1
Osteoclast number<0.5960.2
Trabecular thickness<0.001*15.6
Trabecular number<0.0862.2
Trabecular separation<0.015*4.5
Cortical thickness<0.002*7
Cortical volume<0.1141.9
Cortical wall thickness<0.001*14.4
Osteoclast number<0.8360
Subcortical osteoclasts<0.9040
Trabecular apposition rate<0.004*6.3
Cortical apposition rate<0.5180.3
Bone formation rate<0.002*6.9