Table 2

Observed and expected numbers of lung cancer deaths in an Amsterdam cohort of 2633 patients after gastrectomy (both sexes) in consecutive postoperative intervals compared with the general Dutch population

Years since gastrectomyNo. in groupObserved lung cancer deaths (o)Expected lung cancer deaths (e)Ratio o/e95% CIp Value (2 sided)
The period of follow up is 1935–95; the age range of the patients is 10–84 years.
CI, confidence interval.
0–4261987.31.10.5 to 2.2>0.05
5–1425114729.51.61.2 to 2.1<0.01
15–2420877847.41.61.3 to 2.1<0.001
25–3414748048.91.61.3 to 2.1<0.001
35–598254927.21.81.3 to 2.4<0.001
5–592511254152.91.71.5 to 1.9<0.001