Table 2

Mean values (SD) and significance of differences between variables in subjects and controls matched for MCHC

VariableSubjects (n=21)Controls (n=21)p Value
Hb, haemoglobin; HDW, haemoglobin distribution width; MCH, mean cell haemoglobin; MCHC, mean cell haemoglobin concentration; MCV, mean cell volume; NS, not significant; RBC, red blood cells; RDW, red cell distribution width.
Hb (g/l)131 (10)126 (2)NS
MCV (fl)80.0 (2.5)80.4 (5.8)NS
MCH (pg)27.7 (0.9)27.8 (1.9)NS
RDW (%)12.6 (0.6)13.0 (0.9)NS
HDW (g/l)29.6 (2.1)26.4 (2.0)<0.01
Hyperchromic RBC (×109/l)249 (106)99 (100)<0.01
Reticulocytes (×109/l)122 (51)74 (32)<0.01
Haemolysis (%)19.3 (10.3)13.7 (9.2)NS