Table 1

The Freiburg cases of chronic neutrophilic leukaemia, arranged in chronological order

PatientSexAge (years)BCR/ABL-statusWBC (×109/l)% NHb (g/l)Plt. ×103F-Up (months)SpMNAPOutcome
In patients 2–8, 10, 11 and 13 the outcome was fatal. Haematological data are those found at the time of diagnosis. *, indicates that the patient is alive and the number indicates the number of months since diagnosis; †, indicates that the patient is dead and the number indicates the number of months after diagnosis.
BMT, bone marrow transplantation; CR, complete remission; F-Up, follow up period; Hb, haemoglobin; IF-α, interferon α; %N, % of neutrophils; NAP, neutrophil alkaline phosphatase score (normal range, 20–120); NI, not investigated; Plt., platelet count; SpM, splenomegaly; WBC, leucocyte count; (+), mild form.
1F40Negative22.68412910673*+298BMT, CR
4M69Negative49.288908419†+2Cerebral haemorrhage
6M64Negative41.7841092819†+55Cerebral haemorrhage
7F77Negative93.074771168†+293Cerebral haemorrhage
8F81Negative35.09510818938†+270Cerebral haemorrhage
10F72Negative38.090894723†(+)lowBlast crisis
11M64Negative109.08711316110†+364Cerebral haemorrhage
12F52Negative30.08214018216*(+)310No treatment
13M72Negative22.88893622†+40Cerebral haemorrhage
14F63Negative24.6781232105*(+)46No treatment