Table 2

Number of samples low for analyte for each group examined

C4C1 inhibitor (immunochemical)Functional C1 inhibitorC4 and functional C1 inhibitor
C1inhD, C1 inhibitor deficiency; n, number of samples analysed in each group.
All samples144 (n=1022)133 (n=1141)309 (n=1138)100 (n=1018)
First samples63 (n=806)67 (n=906)161 (n=904)26 (n=805)
All C1inhD samples in study period80 (n=114)75 (n=115)112 (n=114)79 (n=113)
First C1inhD samples in study period15 (n=23)15 (n=23)22 (n=23)15 (n=23)
C1inhD samples off treatment20 (n=20)17 (n=20)20 (n=20)20 (n=20)