Table 4

Results of the endoluminal and extraluminal cultures on silver iontophoretic and untreated catheters associated with catheter related bloodstream infection

Quantity (CFU) of microorganisms
Catheter typeEndoluminal cultureExtraluminal culture
CFU, colony forming units; CNS, coagulase negative staphylococcus; MRSA, methicillin resistant S aureus.
Silver iontophoretic catheters30 CNS1000 Staphylococcus aureus
0100 000 MRSA
10 CNS310 CNS
200 MRSA1000 MRSA
400 corynebacter700 CNS+corynebacter
700 S aureus130 CNS+S aureus
100 000 S aureus100 000 S aureus
Untreated catheters1200 CNS0
10 CNS40 CNS
28 200 Candida spp300 Candida spp
48 000 CNS181 CNS
5000 Candida spp140 CNS
100 C lusitaniae185 C lusitaniae
30 CNS0
200 coliform+klebsiella0