Table 2

Odds ratios (with 95% confidence intervals (CI)) from logistic regression for all the input variables entered together from the training set of normal versus chronic idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease

Input variableOdds ratio95% CI
*Submucosal collagen was not seen to be thickened in this study.
N/A, not applicable; LP, lamina propria.
Age0.620.16 to 2.48
Female sex0.520.31 to 0.87
Mucosal surface52.880.60 to 4640
Crypt architecture21.210.79 to 572
Crypt profiles0.070 to 5318
Increased LP cellularity0.010 to >106
Superficially increased LP cellularity8769.190 to >106
Increased lymphoid aggregates398.540 to >106
Patchy increased LP cellularity129.220 to >106
Transmucosally increased LP cellularity28.130 to >106
Cryptitis: extent0.000 to 7.59
Cryptitis: polymorphs95.590 to >106
Crypt abscesses: extent26.280 to >106
Crypt abscesses: polymorphs0.030 to 353
Increased LP polymorphs13817.6212.77 to >106
Epithelial changes6.020.01 to 4421
Mucin depletion0.430.01 to 36.26
Intraepithelial lymphocytes80400 to >106
Subepithelial collagen*N/AN/A
LP granulomas750.400 to >106
Submucosal granulomas21.720 to >106
Basal histiocytes2.070.17 to 25.29