Table 6

Prevalence of four risk factors in 1490 cases of invasive cervical cancer included in the IARC multicentre case–control study12 and approximately 800 cases included in the IBSCC tested for human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in 1995 and 1999

Study 1 MulticentricStudy 2 IBSCC (1995)Study 3 IBSCC (1999)
Presence of risk factorN%N%N%
*The total number in the column is not 806 because of missing values in some of the variables. References: study 1, Muñoz et al (2000)32; study 2, Bosch et al (1995)34; study 3, Walboomers et al (1999).216
HPV, HPV DNA positive; OC, duration of use of hormonal contraceptives >6 years; Preg, ≥5 pregnancies (live or still born); Smk, smoker (ever). IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer; IBSCC, international biological study on cervical cancer.
HPV + OC543.6253.1253.1
HPV + Smk1157.79611.997812.0
HPV + Preg58739.430237.532240.0
HPV + OC + Smk201.3253.1283.5
HPV + OC + Preg724.8141.7162.0
HPV + Smk + Preg22315.08210.28810.9
HPV + OC + Smk + Preg211.470.970.9
OC + Smk0030.400
OC + Preg0020.200
OC + Smk + Preg000000
Smk + Preg90.660.700
None of the four231.5253.120.2
Total number of cases1490100806*100806*100