Table 4

Odds ratios (with 95% confidence intervals (CI)) from logistic regression for all the input variables entered together from the training set of Crohn's disease versus ulcerative colitis

Input variableOdds ratio95% CI
*Submucosal collagen was not seen to be thickened in this study.
N/A, not applicable; LP, lamina propria.
Age1.880.32 to 10.97
Female sex0.380.18 to 0.80
Mucosal surface0.680.06 to 7.37
Crypt architecture4.240.49 to 36.85
Crypt profiles0.820.01 to 53.96
Increased LP cellularity22.590.36 to 1431
Superficially increased LP cellularity0.020.00 to 1.26
Increased lymphoid aggregates0.240.02 to 3.09
Patchy increased LP cellularity0.020.00 to 0.55
Transmucosally increased LP cellularity0.450.01 to 22.45
Cryptitis: extent9.460.92 to 97.38
Cryptitis: polymorphs0.870.07 to 11.07
Crypt abscesses: extent0.020.00 to 0.77
Crypt abscesses: polymorphs4.450.47 to 42.47
Increased LP polymorphs0.010.00 to 0.71
Epithelial changes2.240.68 to 7.41
Mucin depletion0.950.15 to 5.98
Intraepithelial lymphocytes0.910.00 to 782
Subepithelial collagen*N/AN/A
LP granulomas0.080.01 to 0.49
Submucosal granulomas0.010.00 to >106
Basal histiocytes0.740.17 to 3.11