Table 5

Odds ratios (with 95% confidence intervals (CI)) from logistic regression for all the input variables selected by the labelled methods from the training set of Crohn's disease versus ulcerative colitis

Forward conditional entry of variablesBackward conditional entry of variablesBSG selected variables
Input variableOdds ratio (95% CI)Input variableOdds ratio (95% CI)Input variableOdds ratio (95% CI)
BSG, British Society of Gastroenterology; LP, lamina propria.
Crypt architecture5.00 (1.28 to 19.54)Female sex0.44 (0.22 to 0.90)Mucosal surface0.98 (0.12 to 7.77)
Superficially increased LP cellularity0.11 (0.01 to 1.35)Crypt architecture4.90 (1.22 to 19.71)Crypt architecture4.85 (0.66 to 35.7)
Patchy increased LP cellularity0.27 (0.13 to 0.55)Superficially increased LP cellularity0.07 (0 to 1.02)Crypt profiles0.63 (0.01 to 34.19)
LP granulomas0.08 (0.02 to 0.41)Patchy increased LP cellularity0.11 (0.03 to 0.39)Patchy increased LP cellularity0.39 (0.12 to 1.31)
Cryptitis: extent6.85 (1.28 to 36.73)Transmucosally increased LP cellularity1.31 (0.35 to 4.96)
Increased LP polymorphs0.05 (0 to 0.75)LP granulomas0.09 (0.02 to 0.48)
LP granulomas0.07 (0.01 to 0.37)Submucosal granulomas0.01 (0 to >106)