Table 6

Areas under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves for logistic regression and the growing cell structure (GCS) system for the test set of the normal versus CIIBD data set

Logistic regressionGCS systemHuman performance
All variablesForward conditionalBackward conditionalBSG selectedAll variablesBSG selectedInitial diagnosisObserver diagnosis
BSG, British Society of Gastroenterology; CIIBD, chronic idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease; N/A, not applicable; SE, standard error.
Area under ROC curve0.84360.86800.86780.87750.83930.8532N/AN/A
SE of area under ROC curve0.02450.02210.02210.02110.02300.0231N/AN/A
Sensitivity for CIIBD78%79%80%80%76%77%84%82%