Table 8

Resection limit status in the untreated and treated patients with clinical stage C disease

Surgery only (%)12 weeks of NHT (%)24 weeks of NHT (%)
Chi square=13.603; p=0.001. Untreated versus 12 weeks of NHT: χ2=9.402; p=0.002. Untreated versus 24 weeks of NHT: χ2=8.306; p=0.004; 12 weeks of NHT versus 24 weeks of NHT: χ2=0.025; p=0.875 (not significant).
NHT, neoadjuvant hormonal treatment.
Negative margins7 (24.1%)23 (65.7%)20 (64.5%)
Positive margins22 (75.9%)12 (34.3%)11 (35.5%)