Table 3

MIB-1 index and the expression of ER and PR in benign and malignant endometrial epithelium according to histological diagnosis and tamoxifen use

Mean (SD) MIB-1 indexER positive n (%)PR positive n (%)
*Tamoxifen v no tamoxifen: p<0.05; †benign v malignant epithelium in tamoxifen users: p<0.05; ‡benign v malignant epithelium in non-users: p<0.05.
ER, oestrogen receptor; PR, progesterone receptor.
Benign endometrium
    (I) Tamoxifen12.7 (13.2)*†34 (97)†34 (97)
    (II) No tamoxifen1.7 (1.8)‡22 (92)21 (88)
Endometrial carcinoma
    (III) Tamoxifen31.8 (23.8)9 (60)*11 (73)
    (IV) No tamoxifen34.8 (17.5)44 (88)40 (80)