Table 1

Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) classification schemes

*This includes a nodular (common) and a diffuse (rare) form in contrast to the REAL classification.
1Jackson and Parker classification Paragranuloma
3Sarcoma Lukes and Butler classification
1Lymphocytic and/or histiocytic, nodular
2Lymphocytic and/or histiocytic, diffuse
3Nodular sclerosis
4Mixed cellularity
5Diffuse fibrosis
6Reticular Rye conference classification
1Lymphocyte predominance
2Nodular sclerosis
3Mixed cellularity
4Lymphocytic depletion Revised European–American lymphoma (REAL) classification
1Nodular lymphocyte predominance nodular/diffuse
2Classic HL
    Nodular sclerosis
    Mixed cellularity
    Lymphocyte depletion
    Lymphocyte rich classic HL diffuse (provisional entity)
World Health Organisation scheme
1Nodular lymphocyte predominant HL
2Classic HL
    Nodular sclerosis HL (grades 1 and 2)
    Lymphocyte rich classic HL*
    Mixed cellularity HL
    Lymphocyte depleted HL
    Unclassifiable classic HL