Table 1

Presentation of international normalised ratio (INR) results

First author and refSample sizeDuration of follow upModel of careAdult /child% Time in rangeMean INRProportion of tests in rangeMean doseOther*
*Coded lists of “other” presentation of INR results: 1, dose changes each month; 2, distribution of INR results; 3, deviation of INR value from mean; 4, % dose changes; 5, time between visits; 6, median INR.
Schaufele81814 monthsSecondaryAdultYes
MRC9254513 yearsPrimaryAdultYesYes
Malik104802 yearsSecondaryAdultYesYes
Streif113195 yearsSecondaryChildYesYes1
Blann128673 monthsSecondaryAdultYesYes
Kulinna131006 monthsSecondaryAdultYes
Morsdorf14765 yearsPrimary and secondaryAdultYes2
Sawicki151796 monthsSecondaryAdultYes3
Poller162853 monthsSecondaryAdultYesYesYes4, 5
Hsin17533 monthsSecondaryAdultYes
Taylor1824112 monthsSecondaryAdultYes
SPIRIT Study1913163 yearsSecondaryAdultYes
Palereti203116 monthsSecondaryAdultYes
Pengo212053 yearsSecondaryAdultYesYesYes
Koefoed221003 monthsPrimary and secondaryAdultYes6
Total7258 (483.9)Range 3 months to 13 years7565