Table 4

Results of antral Helicobacter pylori density grade, body H pylori density grade, antral inflammation, body inflammation, antral activity, and body activity

H pylori infecting groupsAHPDG* Median (range)AI* Median (range)AA** Median (range)BHPDG* Median (range)BI* Median (range)BA*, ** Median (range)
Patients had been subdivided on the basis of H pylori infecting groups A to D. Group A: cagA−, s2, m2, babA2−; group B: cagA+, s1, m1, babA2+; group C: cagA+, s1, m2, babA2+; group D: cagA+, s1, m2, babA2−.
*p<0.05, group A v group B;
**p<0.05, group A v group C; Mann-Whitney test.
AA, antral activity, AHPDG, antral H pylori density grade; AI, antral inflammation; BA, body activity; BHPDG, body H pylori density grade; BI, body inflammation.
Group A2.00 (0–3)2.00 (1–6)2.00 (0–3)2.00 (0–3)2.00 (0–5)1.00 (0–3)
Group B2.0 (2–3)2.0 (1–5)2.00 (1–3)2.00 (2–3)2.00 (1–7)0 (0–1)
Group C2.00 (1–3)2.00 (1–5)2.00 (1–3)2.00 (1–5)2.00 (0–5)2.00 (0–2)
Group D2.00 (0–2)3.5 (2–5)2.00 (0–3)2.00 (0–2)1.5 (0–5)0.50 (0–2)