Table 1

Spectrum of somatic APC mutations according to DNA microsatellite status

Tumour type*MutationCodonEffectNo. of mutations
*Tumour type refers to the category of tumour in which the mutation was found and not to the individual tumour.
Del, deletion; HNPCC, hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer; Ins, insertion; MSI-H, high degree of microsatellite instability; MSI-L, low degree of microsatellite instability; MSS, microsatellite stable.
MSI-HG to T1295Stop1
HNPCCC to T1451Stop1
HNPCCIns AG1466Stop1
HNPCCDel AG1466Stop2
HNPCCDel A1455/6Stop1
HNPCCIns A1455/6Stop1
MSI-LDel AT1377Stop1
MSI-LDel T1453Stop1
MSI-LG to T1322Stop1
MSI-LDel 3927–311309Stop1
MSI-LC to G1347Stop1
MSI-LIns TA1438Stop1
MSI-LIns A1304Stop1
MSI-LDel A1473Stop1
MSI-L4 bp /ins?Stop1
MSI-L2 bp del?Stop2
MSI-L1 bp del?Stop2
MSI-LIns 1 bp?Stop1
MSI-LA to T1286Missense1
MSI-LC to T1315Missense1
MSI-LG to T1437Missense1
MSSC to A1315Stop1
MSSG to T1354Stop1
MSSDel C1493Stop1
MSSDel AAAGA1309Stop1
MSSDel CT?Stop1
MSSDel 1 bp?Stop1