Table 2

Clinical findings in five cases of salivary duct carcinoma

CaseAgeSexClinical featuresLength of historyTreatmentFollow upOutcome
Clinical staging was performed from data available in medical records.
C, chemotherapy; CM, cervical metastasis; DM, distant metastasis; DOD, died of disease; F, female; LR, local recurrence; M, male; ND, neck dissection; NM, no evidence of metastasis; P, facial paralysis; R, radiotherapy; RLNM, regional lymph node metastasis; TP, total parotidectomy.
167MParotid (7 cm, RLNM, P)3 yearsTP, ND, R, CLR, 10 monthsDeath with disease after 1 year, DOD
260MParotid (3 cm, RLNM, P)2 monthsTP, RDM, 5 monthsDeath with disease after 7 months, DOD
350FParotid (4×5 cm, NM)4 monthsTPCM, 7 yearsDeath with disease after 10 years, DOD
460MParotid (8 cm, NM, P)45 daysTP, ND, RLR, 1 yearDeath with disease after 1 year, 4 months, DOD
558MParotid (3×3 cm, P)6 monthsTP, ND, CDM, 7 monthsDeath with disease after 10 months, DOD