Table 4

Monitor and reference INR for 535 target samples at 10 centres

POCT systemSpecies specific IRPMean reference INRLyophilised plasma calibrationMean monitor INRMean % differenceCI for mean % differencep Value (paired t test)
Geometric means of reference and monitor INR values, percentage difference in geometric mean INR, corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CI), and p value are given.
INR, international normalised ratio; IRP, international reference preparation; POCT, point of care testing; RBT/90, rabbit plain international reference preparation; rTF/95, human recombinant international reference preparation.
CoaguChek MiniRBT/902.50Artificially depleted2.7710.88.9 to 12.7<0.0001
Individual coumarin2.562.20.5 to 3.90.0099
Pooled coumarin2.635.03.3 to 6.8<0.0001
TAS PT-NCrTF/952.46Artificially depleted2.16−12.0−13.2 to −10.8<0.0001
Individual coumarin2.13−13.4−14.5 to −12.2<0.0001
Pooled coumarin2.14−12.9−14.1 to −11.7<0.0001