Table 2

Subcategorisation within the multiple reasons category, and the subsequent risks of development/detection of high grade CIN, considered in conjunction with related single reason categories

CategoryNumber in category (A)% Of total inadequate smears (of 1972)No. of high grade CIN at colposcopy and histology% Of high grade CIN at colposcopy and histology within each categoryNo. lost to follow up (B)No. of inadequates corrected for non-responders (A−B)Number (%) high grade CIN at colposcopy and histology within each category corrected for lost to follow up
CIN, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.
Multiple reasons30515.4782.62282778 (2.89%)
Multiple reasons, including obscured by polymorphs1688.5252.98141545 (3.25%)
Obscured by polymorphs (single reason)29014.7162.07212696 (2.23%)
Multiple reasons (including obscured by polymorphs) and single reason category obscured by polymorphs combined45823.23112.403542311 (2.60%)
Multiple reasons (including obscured by blood)1055.3210.9510951 (1.05%)
Obscured by blood (single reason category)26513.4462.26212446 (2.46%)
Obscured by blood (single reason category) and multiple reasons (including obscured by blood)37018.7671.89313397 (2.06%)
Multiple reasons (with polymorphs or blood) (single reason) obscured by blood − (single reason) obscured by polymorphs combined76438.74172.236070417 (2.41%)