Table 2

Our results compared with other published series that have examined the incidence of vascular invasion

RefTotal numberMean size (cm)Mean ageTotal cases with vascular invasion (%)
*This series excludes “clinically evident vascular invasion”; †not entirely clear whether all patients with renal vein invasion had microvascular invasion (MVI); ‡includes 24 patients with distant metastasis; §patients in which MVI status was not known and patients who did not have surgery are excluded from these data.
Current cases797.462.340 (51)
Historical series Griffiths61767.165.269 (39)
Van Poppel3*1804.36051 (28)
Mrstik12586614 (24)
Takashi131317.340 (30)
Samma14§7219 (26)
Lang42556074 (29)
Sevinc5417 (17)