Table 3

Final diagnoses in 10 patients with previous inadequate/unrepresentative (B1/C1) or benign (B2/C2) histology or cytology and subsequent benign pathology

CB/FNACRadiologyFinal diagnosis
CB, core biopsy; FNAC, fine needle aspiration cytology; NA, not available; RB, radiologically benign; RS, radiologically suspicious; RU, radiologically indeterminate.
B1 InsufficientRSStromal deformityRadial scar
B1 No calcificationRUCalcificationBenign breast change
B1 Normal breast tissueRBMassFibroadenoma
C1 Cyst fluidRUComplex cystPapilloma
C1 Bloody fluidRUComplex cystPapilloma
C1 BloodRSStromal deformityHaematoma
B2 FibroadenomaRUMass (↑ing in size)Fibroadenoma
B2 Fibroadenomatoid changeRUMass (↑ing in size)Phyllodes
B2 Cyst wallRSAsymmetryDuct ectasia
B2 FibroadenomaRUMass (↑ing in size)Fibroadenoma
NA WarfarinRUCalcificationBenign breast change and fibroadenoma
NA Patient declinedRUMassFibroadenoma