Table 2

Cox’s regression analysis of the prognostic value of the evaluated parameters with regard to disease free survival

BSEdfp ValueHR95% CI
CI, confidence interval; df, degrees of freedom; ER, oestrogen receptor; PR, progesterone receptor; TopoIIα, topoisomerase IIα.
ERβ status−1.3330.40310.0010.2640.120 to 0.580
Lymph node status0.8510.31010.0062.3421.274 to 4.302
Stage1.1540.44610.0103.1721.324 to 7.597
TopoIIα index0.0390.01810.0321.0391.003 to 1.077
p53 accumulation0.9450.44610.0342.5731.074 to 6.166
PR status−0.8170.40710.0450.4420.199 to 0.981
Tumour size0.722
Histological grade0.822
Nuclear grade0.622
ERα status0.966
c-erbB-2 overexpression0.470