Table 5

Growth hormone (GH) cutoff values and methods

CentrePaediatricians’ GH cutoffLaboratory GH cutoffGH method
Manufacturers suggested cutoff values for the interpretation of GH provocation tests: Nichols Advantage human GH, 7 ng/ml which is equivalent to 18.2 mU/l; DPC Immulite, laboratories should establish their own reference ranges.
*Samples referred for assay to another laboratory.
GHD, GH deficiency.
120 mU/l20 mU/lNichols Advantage
220 mU/l20 mU/lDPC Immulite
320 mU/l20 mU/lDPC Immulite
4>15 mU/l excludes GHD, <7 mU/l suggests GHD>20 mU/l GHD unlikely, <10 mU/l suggests GHDDPC Immulite*
5Not stated15 mU/lDPC Immulite
615 mU/lNot statedNichols Advantage*
720 mU/l20 mU/lDPC Immulite*
815–205 mU/lNichols Advantage*
9Not usedNot usedN/A
10Not stated>20 mU/l excludes GHD, 15–20 mU/l need further tests, <15 mU/l suggests GHDNichols Advantage*
1120 mU/l20 mU/lNichols Advantage*
12Not statedNot statedNichols Advantage*
13>15 mU/l excludes GHD, <7 mU/l suggests GHD15–20 mU/lNichols Advantage*