Table 2

Analysis of donor IL1A −889, IL4 −590, and TNFA −308 polymorphisms in rejectors and non-rejectors

GenotypeDR M rejectorsDR M non-rejectorsp ValueDR MM rejectorsDR MM non-rejectorsp Value
The donors were divided into rejectors and non-rejectors, and HLA-DR matched (DR M) transplants versus HLA-DR mismatched (DR MM) transplants. The p values shown represent the combined results from the two randomly selected groups
IL1AIL1A T* positive21250.895337240.8136
IL1A T* negative26413821
IL4IL4 T* positive28260.0628140.6212
IL4 T* negative19404731
TNFATNFA-A* positive14250.48962670.0395
TNFA-A* negative33414938