Table 2

Detection of HPV in normal tonsillar mucosa or benign lesions

Type of lesionTechniqueNo of cases6/1116183133First author (date)
In total, 17/200 (8.5%) samples were HPV positive.
HPV, human papillomavirus; ISH, in situ hybridisation; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; SB, Southern blotting.
TonsillitisSB0/20Brandsma (1989)33
Chronic inflammatory diseaseISH0/30Niedobitek (1990)29
TonsillitisPCR0/7Snijders (1992)5
Normal posterior tonsillar pilarPCR, SB1/31Smith (1993)60
Chronic tonsillitisPCR, SB4/284Watanabe (1993)38
Adenoid hyperplasia and chronic tonsillitisPCR, SB0/8, 5/385Fukushima (1994)61
CondylomaSB1/11Tominaga (1996)62
Normal mucosaSB3/33Tominaga (1996)62
Chronic tonsillitisPCR0/14Klussmann (2001)50
Tonsillar hyperplasiaPCR, SB3/483Strome (2002)51