Table 6

 Predictive impact of the AgNOR variables within subgroups of patients with different pRb/p53 status investigated by the log rank test

n% DFSχ2p Value
AgNOR, argyrophilic nucleolar organiser region; DFS, disease free survival.
pRb− p53−
    AgNOR area <5 μm220377.832.390.1224
    AgNOR area >5 μm22665.38
pRb+ p53+
    AgNOR area <5 μm21546.6700.9735
    AgNOR area >5 μm22650
pRb− p53+
    AgNOR area <5 μm21353.850.320.5702
    AgNOR area >5 μm21464.29
pRb+ p53−
    AgNOR area <5 μm21861.111.520.2184
    AgNOR area >5 μm22040