Table 8

 Predictive impact of the AgNOR parameter within subgroups of patients with different pRb/p53 status investigated by the log rank test in node positive tumours

pRb/p53 statusn% DFSχ2p Value
AgNOR, argyrophilic nucleolar organiser region; DFS, disease free survival.
pRb− p53−
    AgNOR area <5 μm28668.601.860.1726
    AgNOR area >5 μm21353.85
    AgNOR area <5 μm210400.430.5136
    AgNOR area >5 μm21233.33
pRb− p53+
    AgNOR area <5 μm2728.570.550.4597
    AgNOR area >5 μm2944.44
    AgNOR area <5 μm21145.450.030.8558
    AgNOR area >5 μm21637.5