Table 4

‚ÄÉCategories of discrepancies and discrepancy and concordance rates by service

Service*Total ODN (%)Category of discrepancyTotal DDDR (%)Total CDCR (%)
*Medicine includes internal medicine, psychiatry, and dermatology; surgery includes all surgical specialties and obstetrics/gynaecology; Tropical Medicine Research Institute analysed with child health.
A&E, accident and emergency; CD, concordant diagnoses; CR, concordance rate; DD, discrepant diagnoses; DR, discrepancy rate; ICU, intensive care unit; OD, overall diagnoses.
Medicine190 (31.4)331283369248.49851.6
A&E122 (20.2)316121318166.44133.6
Child health106 (17.5)31040163331.17368.9
Surgery107 (17.7)26751135248.65551.4
ICU80 (13.2)41263103543.84552.5
Total605 (100)974735810629348.431251.6