Table 1

An investigation into the value of adding on iron studies and vitamin D to detect haemochromatosis and vitamin D deficiency (reflective testing) in the routine clinical reporting practice of a consultant medical biochemist

Tests added onTotal number of relevant reports authorisedNumber of add on tests (% of total number of reports)Number of abnormal add on test results (% of the number of tests added on)
*Serum total iron binding capacity percentage saturation ⩾55% and 50% for men (n = 21) and women (n = 7), respectively; **Serum vitamin D concentration ⩽20 nmol/litre (10 patients had values ⩽10 nmol/litre).
Iron studies16 798150 (0.89%)28 (18.7%)*
Vitamin D5760134 (2.3%)31(23.1%)**