Table 1

 C, CC, CXC, and CX3C chemokine/receptor families

Systemic nameClassic nameReceptor
BCA-1, B cell attracting chemokine 1; BRAK, breast and kidney cell chemokine; CTACK, cutaneous T cell attracting chemokine; DC-CK1, dendritic cell derived chemokine 1; ELC, EBI1 ligand chemokine; ENA-78, epithelial neutrophil activating protein 78; GCP-2, granulocyte chemotactic protein 2; GRO, growth regulated oncogene; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; IL-8, interleukin 8; IP-10, interferon inducible protein 10; I-TAC, interferon inducible T cell chemoattractant; MCP, monocyte chemotactic protein; MDC, macrophage derived chemokine; MEK, mammary enriched chemokine; MIG, monokine induced by interferon γ; MIP, macrophage inflammatory protein; NAP-2, neutrophil activating protein 2; PF4, platelet factor 4; RANTES, regulated on activation normal T cell expressed and excreted; SCM1α, single C motif 1α; SDF, stromal cell derived factor; SLC, secondary lymphoid tissue chemokine; TARK, thymus and activation regulated chemokine; TECK, thymus expressed chemokine.
C chemokine family
CC chemokine family
    CCL3MIP-1αCCR1, CCR5
    CCL13MCP-4CCR2, CCR3
    CCL15HCC-2CCR1, CCR3
CXC chemokine family
    CXCL12SDF-1α, SDF-1βCXCR4
CX3C chemokine family