Table 1

 Analyte concentrations at presentation and after stabilisation of the glucose concentration

AnalytePresenting concentrations (0 hours)Intermediate concentrations (3 hours)Glycaemic stable concentrations (17 hours)Katz predicted glycaemic stable concentration (mmol/l)Hillier predicted glycaemic stable concentration (mmol/l)
Glucose47.7 mmol/l7.8 mmol/l
Direct sodium135 mmol/l139 mmol/l137 mmol/l147164
Indirect sodium127 mmol/l136 mmol/l139 mmol/l139156
Direct potassium6.9 mmol/l4.5 mmol/l3.6 mmol/l
Indirect potassium6.8 mmol/l4.4 mmol/l3.7 mmol/l
Total protein98 g/l62 g/l53 g/l
Triglycerides2.08 mmol/l1.97 mmol/l1.13 mmol/l
Cholesterol5.32 mmol/l3.63 mmol/l2.53 mmol/l
Osmolality336 mOsmol/l314 mOsmol/l285 mOsmol/l
Actual sodium gap8 mmol/l3 mmol/l−2 mmol/l
Pseudohyponatraemia effect2 mmol/l−2 mmol/l−3 mmol/l
Adjusted difference6 mmol/l5 mmol/l1 mmol/l