Table 4

 RFS and BCS by Cox univariate analysis in ER positive tumors

RR95% CIp ValueRR95% CIp Value
BCS, breast cancer survival; CI, confidence interval; IDC, invasive ductal carcinomas; ILC, invasive lobular carcinoma; MI, mitotic index; RFS, recurrence free survival; RR, relative risk.
    Tamoxifen0.580.40 to 0.830.0030.710.48 to 1.070.10
    Tamoxifen0.790.26 to 2.360.670.910.28 to 2.990.88
Low Ki-67 index
    Tamoxifen0.500.29 to 0.870.010.680.37 to 1.270.22
Intermediate Ki-67 index
    Tamoxifen1.150.61 to 2.170.661.400.69 to 2.710.37
High Ki-67 index
    Tamoxifen0.290.11 to 0.740.0060.380.15 to 0.970.04
MI of 1
    Tamoxifen0.630.34 to to 1.120.13
MI of 2
    Tamoxifen0.700.41 to to 1.800.96
MI of 3
    Tamoxifen0.500.26 to 0.990.040.620.31 to 1.220.16
Grade I tumours
    Tamoxifen0.580.18 to 1.890.370.230.03 to 1.940.18
Grade II tumours
    Tamoxifen0.630.39 to to 1.400.47
Grade III tumours
    Tamoxifen0.500.29 to 0.870.010.590.34 to 1.040.07