Table 6

 Univariate analyses of RFS and BCS in patients without adjuvant tamoxifen treatment

RR95% CIp ValueRR95% CIp Value
BCS, breast cancer survival; CI, confidence interval; IDC, invasive ductal carcinomas; ILC, invasive lobular carcinoma; NHG, Nottingham histological grade; RFS, recurrence free survival; RR, relative risk.
Tumour typeILC v IDC0.630.32 to to 1.460.35
Ki-673 v 1+21.581.06 to 2.350.031.901.24 to 2.920.003
Mitotic index2+3 v 11.981.34 to 2.920.012.061.32 to 3.190.001
NHG3 v 1+21.821.30 to 2.54<0.0012.421.67 to 3.53<0.001
AgeContinuous0.970.94 to 0.990.0090.960.93 to 0.990.006
Node statusN+ v N01.971.29 to 3.02< to 3.61<0.01
Tumour sizeT2 v T11.240.89 to 1.730.211.400.96 to 2.030.08