Table 3

 Immunohistochemical results (reactivity range, median value, and grouping of cases)

Invading tumour frontRangeMedianHighLow
cyt, cytoplasmic staining; HIF1α, hypoxia inducible factor-1α; LDH5, lactate dehydrogenase-5; nuc, nuclear staining; TP, thymidine phosphorylase; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.
MIB1 index in fibroblasts0–20%2%7278
MIB1 index in cancer cells2–90%40%6486
TP expressing fibroblasts0–100%50%8070
TP expressing cancer cells0–100%0%8142
VEGF expressing cancer cells0–90%10%44106
Vascular density15–110427476
HIF1α expressing cancer cells nuc/cyt (grading scale)5892
    HIF1α nuc0–30%0%
    HIF1α cyt0–100%5%
LDH5 expressing cancer cells nuc/cyt (grading scale)10347
    LDH5 nuc0–70%0%
    LDH5 cyt0–100%30%