Table 1

 Selected examples of phage antibodies with applications in clinical settings

scFv targetClinical useType of selectionRef
CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; EGFR, endothelial growth factor receptor; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; RBC, red blood cell; scFV, single chain heavy and light chain variable region; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.
scFvs genetically engineered from existing antibodies
    Novel tumour associated antigenTumour imaging (melanoma)scFv of H11 murine monoclonal antibody30
    Anti-idiotypic antibody of ACA125Tumour targeting (ovarian)scFv of murine antibody ACA12531
    Tumour associated glycoprotein-72Tumour targeting (colon)scFv of CC49 murine monoclonal antibody32
    Platelet glycoprotein 1bαAnti-thrombotic agentscFv of SZ-2 murine monoclonal antibody33
Murine scFvs that have undergone affinity enrichment by phage display
    HMW-MAATumour targeting (melanoma)Affinity enrichment of murine scFv34
    CD30Tumour targeting (Hodgkin)Affinity enrichment of Ki4 murine scFv25
    EpCAMTumour targeting (colon)Affinity enrichment of the MOC-31 murine antibody35
    L1Role of L1 in nervous systemAffinity enrichment of murine antibody36
scFvs selected from immunised phage libraries
    CEATumour targeting (colon)Selected from a CEA immunised mouse hybridoma library20
    EGFRTumour targeting (general)Selected from an EGFR immunised mouse hybridoma library22
    Pertussis toxinNeutralisation of pertussis infectionSelected from a library assembled from patients recovering from pertussis infection37
    p24 (HIV)HIV diagnosisSelected from a viral lysate immunised mouse hybridoma library38
Human scFvs selected from naïve phage libraries
    CD55Tumour targeting (lung)Naïve library selected on lung carcinoma cell line39
    EpCAMTumour targeting (colon)Naïve library selected on colorectal cell line40
    FibronectinTumour targetingNaïve library selected on fibronectin fusion protein41
    VEGFBlocking angiogenesisNaïve library selected on recombinant VEGF42
    Thrombospondin-1Sickle RBC adhesionNaïve library selected on thrombospondin-129