Table 3

 Light microscopic findings in the two groups

VariablesFirst biopsyp ValueSecond biopsyp Value
Group I (n = 9)Group II (n = 12)Group I (n = 9)Group II (n = 12)
Values (except for ISKDC results) are mean (SEM).
*p<0.01 and †p<0.05 when compared with the first biopsy.
AI, activity index; CI, chronicity index; ISKDC, International Study of Kidney Disease in Children; NS, not significant; TI, tubulointerstitial.
AI7.9 (0.7)6.8 (0.3)NS2.9 (0.4)*6.0 (2.1)0.001
CI0.4 (0.2)0.8 (0.3)NS0.4 (0.2)1.8 (0.3)†0.012
TI score1.0 (0.5)1.7 (0.4)NS0.4 (0.2)3.1 (0.8)0.009
Crescents (%)21.9 (5.8)12.4 (3.3)NS1.4 (1.4)*13.9 (5.0)0.019