Table 1

 The composition of the coded test samples for the four years

DNA denotes high molecular weight isolated DNA; 0.001 DNA indicates that the sample was diluted ×1000 in Tris-EDTA. Par indicates that the tube contained one or two 3–4 μm paraffin wax embedded section(s) and Glass denotes a paraffin wax embedded section on a coated glass slide; each sample from the same patient contains the same letter (A–F). Bx and Rx indicate biopsy and resection, respectively. The numbers indicate the quantity compared with other samples in the same round. Samples 3–6 from 2002 were fixed for 24 hours and samples 9–10 for six days.
2DNA B0.001 DNA C6 Par Bx EDNA H
3DNA BDNA D1 Par Rx E1 Par H
4Water0.001 DNA D6 Par Rx E1 Par G
5DNA AWater1 Par Rx F6 Par G
6Par CDNA E6 Par H
7Par D1 Par H
81 Par G
96 Par G
106 Par H
11Glass G
12Glass H