Table 3

 Logistic regression relating significant bacteraemia to full blood count

Culture negative (n = 6652)Culture positive (n = 530)UnivariateMultivariate
MeanSDMeanSDOR95% CIWaldp ValueOR95% CIWaldp Value
Univariate and multivariate logistic regression of admission peripheral blood count with blood culture positivity. Wald refers to the Wald statistic.
CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; WBC, white blood cell count.
Age64.321.568.419.81.01(1.01 to 1.01)18<0.0011.00(1.00 to 1.01)1.80.17
WBC (×109/l)11.37.414.28.91.04(1.02 to 1.05)39<0.001Not entered
Lymphocytes (×109/l)1.300.900.850.720.35(0.29 to 0.41)140<0.0010.3(0.24 to 0.37)114<0.001
Neutrophils (×109/l) to 1.10)165<0.0011.12(1.06 to 1.15)95<0.001
Neutrophil–lymphocyte interaction2.46.96.912.51.07(1.06 to 1.08)165<0.0010.97(0.95 to 0.98)15<0.001