Table 2

 Expression profiles of the three angiogenic markers analysed

Control groupNon-tumour specimens from NSCLC groupNSCLC specimens
Comparison of the three cohorts: tumour free control group (“control group”), tumour free specimens from patients with NSCLC, and tumour specimens from patients with NSCLC.
MVD, microvessel density; NE, not evaluable; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer.
    Number of positive cells (median, range)0%0–1%0%0–1%0.2%0–50%
    Cases above cutoff value (0.7%) (number, %)00%00%4368%
    Number of positive cells (median, range)2%0.2–20%2.50%0–20%2%0–20%
    Cases above the cutoff values
        Low expression: cutoff 2.5% (number, %)436%3248%3048%
        High expression: cutoff 12.3% (number, %)19%46%58%
MVD (CD31)
    Number of positive cells (median, range)NENE6%0–32%
    Cases above cutoff value (15) (number, %)NENE2946%
p53 (number, %)00%12%2563%
Ki-67 (number, %)00%12%3241%