Table 4

 Univariate analysis of survival in 84 patients with OSCC according to the Cox proportional hazards model

VariablesHazards ratio95% CIp Value
1 B/w,1 bottle (360 ml; 25% alcohol)/week; CI, confidence interval; F, female; LN, lymph node; M, male; OSCC, oral squamous cell carcinoma; p-Akt, phosphorylated Akt; PCNA LI, proliferating cell nuclear antigen labelling index; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.
Age (⩽60/>60)1.9540.954 to 3.9990.067
Sex (M/F)0.7320.317 to 1.6940.3467
Smoking (yes/no)2.0300.992 to 4.1560.053
Alcohol (<1 B/w/⩾1 B/w)1.1920.596 to 2.3850.619
Differentiation (well/moderate, poor)2.1061.037 to 4.2750.039
Tumour size (T1, T2/T3, T4)2.8991.426 to 5.8950.003
LN metastasis (positive/negative)2.8751.429 to 5.7840.003
Clinical stage (I, II/III,IV)3.3831.557 to 7.3520.002
Recurrence (yes/no)2.5951.291 to 5.2140.007
p-AKT expression (+/−)3.2191.594 to 6.5050.001
E-cadherin expression (+/−)0.4140.196 to 0.8750.021
VEGF expression (+/−)1.8050.780 to 4.1760.168
PCNA LI1.0221.000 to 1.0440.049