Table 1

 Clinical indication in female patients for CA125 measurement in the suspicion of malignancy category (n = 327)

IndicationNo of patientsIndicationNo of patients
Abdominal pain116Liver metastases4
Abnormal vaginal bleeding15Lung metastases1
Altered bowel habit12Lymphadenopathy2
Anaemia21Mediastinal mass2
Back pain1Osteomyelitis1
Bone metastases5Peripheral neuropathy3
Bowel obstruction4Pleural effusion7
Brain metastases5Polyarthritis4
Collapse1Postmenopausal bleeding27
Dermatomyositis10Rectal bleeding5
Fracture1Rectovaginal fistula1
Hyperkalaemia1Renal failure1
Hypercalcaemia6Shortness of breath7
Hypertension1Thromboembolic disease7
Jaundice7Weight loss26
Lethargy8Vaginal discharge2
None stated13