Table 4

 The most commonly described areas of chromosomal loss and gain in prostate cancer

Chromosome locusPutative genesNormal function of geneStatus of gene in prostate cancerRef
EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; PTEN, phosphatase and tensin homologue; Rb, retinoblastoma.
7pEGFRGrowth factorAmplified39
7qCAV 1Structural protein of caveolae membranes in fibroblasts 
 >and endotheliaAmplified40
8pMSREncodes a macrophage scavenger receptor responsible 
 >for cellular uptake of molecules including bacterial cell 
 >wall productsDeleted41
8pNKX3–1Tumour suppressor geneDeleted42
8qc-mycTranscriptional activatorAmplified43
10qPTENTumour suppressor geneMutated44
13qRbTumour suppressor geneDeleted45
16qE-CADAdhesion moleculeDeleted46
XqARAndrogen receptorAmplified47